UPP To Launch National Vision Forum Next Thursday

The UPP will launch the National Vision Forum, a community-wide discussion series aimed at promoting the Party’s Policy PLATFORMS.

Political Leader, Senator Harold Lovell and his team, will present the UPP’s transformative development agenda under the theme TALENTS: A NEW PERSPECTIVE.

This town hall style meeting, will provide a dynamic, interactive opportunity for citizens to engage in comprehensive consultations and provide ideas and aspirations on a range of issues that affect Antigua and Barbuda.

“It is extremely important that we hear directly from the people. We want to harness their insights and intelligence about the direction in which they would like to see this country go. These engaging discussions will provide invaluable feedback to help strengthen and fine- tune our policies and programmes which we refer to as our TALENT POOL. We will delve into a range of areas that affect the quality of life and future opportunities for citizens and businesses alike,” said Senator Harold Lovell.

The first NVF will be held on Thursday, December 14th at the Antiguan and Barbuda Workers Union HQ, starting promptly at 6:30 PM.

Presentations will be made by dynamic UPP Candidates on a range of issues related to TALENTS. The Q & A segment will facilitate participation of citizens in attendance as well as online.

The forum will be carried live on Crusader Radio 107.3 FM and live streamed on facebook.com/itsmyupp.



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