UPP Presents Transformative Agenda to Restore Pride and Prosperity 

In his Senate Budget Debate Response, Senator Harold Lovell lays out a transformative agenda for Antigua and Barbuda that focuses on the optimization of the nation’s untapped potential — creative, intellectual and natural resources, while emphasizing the need to incentivize more domestic investment.

The UPP Political Leader, Lovell raises the bar with a number of innovative strategies, solutions and incentives that will establish a strong bond between concept of entrepreneurial government and the U-conomy. This party-coined platform will “give more power to the people” by providing sustainable development opportunities for Antiguan and Barbudan entrepreneurs, small businesses and partnerships through innovative grants and incentives.

The U-conomy will have a recovery and growth agenda that focuses on jobs and wealth creation, training and support for small businesses and entrepreneurs and a greatly enhanced business and investment climate. This strategy will ignite an economic renaissance and create hundreds of jobs, particularly within cottage industries like farming, agro-processing, textile and clothing production, food production and craft making.

Lovell also emphasizes the need for effective long-term planning and increased investment in key productive sectors such as Tourism, Agriculture, ICT and Knowledge based industries, while exercising greater fiscal discipline in infrastructure, affordable housing, health and education.

Senator Lovell outlines the first phase of a robust National Development Agenda that the UPP will implement to tackle key issues, in light of the country’s stagnated economy and failed social programs. He identifies domestic investment, people empowerment and the elimination of UBT as the key strategies for stimulating the economy with the main goal of “Restoring Pride and Prosperity” to Antigua and Barbuda.

Some of the highlights of Senator Lovell’s Budget Response presentation include:

1. 1000 jobs in the first 12 months

2. High speed internet

3. Reducing work permit fees in the first 7 days of the new UPP administration

4. Repeal of the UBT in the first 60 days while also providing more support for SMEs

5. No re-introduction of PIT

6. 3 month unemployment safety net linked to training

7. PROPULSION – innovative grants and incentives for entrepreneurs

8. Education Empowerment Zone a 1.5 sq mile area of academic institutions underpinned by a UWI linked University of Antigua and Barbuda, with a new faculty of

9. “Harvest More, Import Less” National Food Production Plan aiming to achieve $50 million in import substitution by the end of the first term

10. National Pension Plan

11. Future Care Plan for Seniors

12. Housing Communities of the Future

13. Returning Barbuda to prosperity

The full complement of the UPP’s new and exciting policy initiatives in contained the attached speaking notes and PowerPoint document.

Restoring Pride and Prosperity – Part 2

Restoring Pride and Prosperity – Part 1



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