UPP Announces Budget Day Boycott and Protest

In response to mounting public dissatisfaction with ABLP failures and scandals the UPP is raising the pitch with a Budget Speech Boycott and protest outside Parliament on Friday.

These actions have been initiated due to the Government’s questionable investments and partnerships, compounded by its failure to respond to the people’s continued calls for:

  1. Lowering of the gas price to $10 or below
  2. Lowering of the fuel variation and price of electricity in line with the consistent 18 month low in crude oil prices
  3. Opening the Five Islands Secondary School
  4. Initiating independent investigations into:
  • The Odebrecht scandal
  • The Cove Head land swap
  • The inequitable price of lands sold at Long Bay
  • The Prime Minister’s continued refusal to declare the source of his self proclaimed 30 million dollar fortune and make public his tax returns
  • The 5 million dollar Share Antigua transfer which has funded zero businesses one year on
  • The missing CIP funds
  • The Syrian smuggling saga
  1. Better management of the student scholarship program
  2. Ending the politicization of the police force, the political victimization of UPP members and the unlawful locking up of innocent citizens.
  3. End all illicit investment partnerships including:
  • The failed Peter Virdee Gravenor Bay project
  • Paradise Found
  • Yida
  • Iraqui Pensioner’s Bay project
  • The shadowy 10 unnamed women CIP project

All citizens and residents are invited to join the fight to continually defend our democracy, hopes and dreams.



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