Tourism Industry receives another major boost as Government breaks ground for a luxury five star property

With an ambitious plan to further improve the tourism sector this year; officials are viewing the proposed five-star Callaloo Cay Development project as a major contributor to the national economy.

Speaking at a ground-breaking ceremony for the project on Tuesday morning, Tourism Minister the Hon. Asot Michael told those gathered to witness the event that Callaloo Cay will aid in bolstering the government’s quest towards becoming an economic powerhouse.

“This administration has set the goal of increasing the room capacity of Antigua and Barbuda to over 5,000 within the next 18-24 months. Callaloo Cay is certainly helping us meet this goal. Their focus on driving high-end year-round tourism to our country and boosting hotel room stock is one that fits right into our goals as an Administration, so we could not have asked for better partners in tourism than Sheik Tariq Faisal Al Qassemi of Dubai and OBMI, RBC, HVS and Rider Levett Bucknall,” Minister Michael noted.

The investors are said to have set themselves apart in the hotel industry in Dubai through the opulence and high quality that have become synonymous with their properties and the products they offer. This, according to the tourism minister can only be good news for Antigua and Barbuda on several fronts, one being the high end market.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if that is the yardstick, for Callaloo Cay then we are looking at a resort of unsurpassed luxury and quality and one that will cater to that lucrative luxury sector of our market that ensures a high return on tourism investments. This means more tax revenue, for our country and higher paying jobs with better opportunities for the hundreds of citizens and residents that will be employed at Callaloo Cay,” the minister assured.

Extensive consultations have been held between the government, residents of Old Road and representatives of the investors on developmental plans for the area, along with the need to protect the environment at every step. Minister Asot Michael has given the assurance that the Morris Bay property will be constructed under strict regulations that all parties involved will have to adhere to.

“Sustainability and protection of our land and environment is also of utmost importance to the Government, and so we are delighted to know that the construction will be done through sound preservation principles, green building design and engagement with the local community. We have been transparent with the local community, hosting public forums to keep those in the Morris Bay Beach community, Old Road and beyond informed of all aspects of the project. These positive interactions have provided an opportunity for open dialogue and feedback,” the Hon. Minister declared.

The Callaloo Cay Resort Development will include a luxury five-star hotel with 95-100 rooms and 40 villas with a world-class spa, a trend-setting beach club and several waterside-dining concepts among other amenities.



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