Tourism Cadet Corps engages in fun walk and hike activity

It was a fun and educational trip for the 2016 Tourism Cadet Corp students who engaged in their first out-door activity since the start of the 2016 installation.

The group of approximately 60 students engaged in a fun walk and hike activity last Saturday which took them along the main highway’s of the western end of the island, along the main roads of Perry Bay, and Hatton, then averting to the off road which leads to Deep Bay.Group photo at the summit of Fort Barrington (1)

Following the excursion the students inclusive of Cadet Corp Trainers and volunteers proceeded to hike the historical Fort Barrington where they were enlightened on the facts of the tourist attraction.

First male and female to finishAlthough the event was not a competition, cadets Jahren Philip from the Antigua Grammar School and Tinma Phillip from the Pares Secondary made it a fight to the finish and were the first to reach to the Deep Bay Bridge.

Mr. Elroy Daley, Manager of the Lifeguard and Beach Safety Division within the Ministry of Tourism took the opportunity to share the best practices of beach use with the cadets.

The fun walk and hike forms part of many planned events to aid in familiarizing the cadets about the country’s tourism product in a fun and interactive way.



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