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Thousands of Shopping Bags Distributed

The plan to rid the island of plastic bags has moved to the next phase as thousands of reusable shopping bags are being distributed to grocery shops and mini supermarkets across the country.

On Monday and Tuesday, technicians from the Ministry of Health and the Environment were busy distributing dozens of boxes to a number of grocery stores, shops, and outlets across the country.
On Monday, thirty-five boxes, each containing two hundred reusable bags, were given out to retailers in the St Mary’s North and St Mary’s South Constituencies, including the areas of Bathlodge, Bendals, Ebenezer, Jennings, Bolans, West Palm Beach, Urlings, all the way to Old Road.

TJ’s One Stop Shop, Mango Tree Grocery Shop, Bless Up Shop, Dings Supermarket, P.J Lakes One Stop Shop, Nellies Variety, Viviana Prince Shop, R.T Supermarket, Faithful Tavern, Janice Shop and Maria’s Shop were among the business places that were recipients of the delivery.

Twenty Four hours later, twenty boxes were distributed to shops in St John’s City East, St. John’s Rural North and St John’s City West.
All shops that were the recipients of the reusable bags were also asked to hand over any plastic bags that they still had in their possession.
Attention will next turn to the constituencies of St John’s Rural West and St John’s City South as both areas are slated to receive the environmentally friendly bags on Wednesday.

According to Environmental Implementation Officer in the Ministry of Health and the Environment, Indira James, the island-wide distribution project is expected to be completed by Tuesday of next week.

The exercise forms part of the Ministry and Environment’s plan to eliminate the distribution and use of the plastic shopping bags which caused serious concern among environmentalists and health officials.
On January 1st, 2016, the Government implemented a ban on the importation of the plastic shopping bags into the country and on July 1st of the same year, imposed a total ban on the use of the product.



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