Telecommunication Carriers are asked to “Abide by the Law”

According to Cabinet notes from  Wednesday’s weekly ministerial meet, the Cabinet reiterated its intention to ensure that the telecoms carriers, which terminate international calls here, abide by the law that came into effect in January 2018. The carriers are required to collect US$0.05 cents on each call.

The monies collected from this new tax that was passed earlier this year is expected to be used to fund initiatives geared to youth business development.

Minutes from the Cabinet meeting indicated that: “those monies are to be deposited into a special fund to stimulate entrepreneurial growth among the youth interested in owning their businesses. It is estimated that the fund could raise more than $500,000 annually, and would be a boost to small businesses. The carriers have not been collecting the tax, and the Cabinet has asked the Minister to meet with the two carriers this week in order to advance the collection. Meanwhile, the three telecoms firms are to meet with a Cabinet sub-committee to discuss space on the spectrum for APUA Telecoms. The previous administration divided the spectrum among two carriers, leaving APUA without any space on the spectrum. Negotiations on the re-assignment will begin this week. “



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