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Serial Killer on the Loose

Alleged Serial killer, Delano Forbes, who has been charged with three murders, has escaped police custody.

According to news sources, there is now a massive manhunt for the 23 year old who managed to escape the police this afternoon.

Local Television station, ABS stated that “police officers were carrying out further investigations into the case against the accused when they took him from the prison where he has been on remand.”

He was taken to Swetes Village, reportedly to retrieve additional evidence.

Based on reports, Forbes made good his escape by jumping over a ravine while in handcuffs.

Lawmen are currently searching the area for the murder accused.

Forbes is accused of killing 59 year old Swetes villager, Wilfred ‘Bongo’ Williams, Shawn Henry in Point and Lisue Williams on All Saints Road.

News reports also claim he has also been accused on “the spine-chilling practice of drinking the blood of his victims.”

More details to come as this story develops.





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