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Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship RFA Mounts Bay to Visit Antigua on Tuesday Feb. 6

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship RFA Mounts Bay will pay a visit to Antigua on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

RFA Mounts Bay provided rapid and very effective support during the 2017 hurricane season, delivering much needed humanitarian aid to devastated British Overseas Territories and Dominica after hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The UK maintains a year-round naval presence in the Caribbean to provide a rapid response to any emergency in the British Overseas Territories and independent nations of the region.

RFA Mounts Bay is currently embarking upon a Wider Regional Engagement role, providing reassurance and support to UK Overseas Territories and independent countries. RFA Mounts Bay Officers and Crew remain mindful that she could be called upon to provide a rapid response to any emergency in the Territories.

RFA Mounts Bay equipment arriving on shore

Whilst RFA Mounts Bay’s primary task is to provide enhanced security and reassurance to the UK Overseas Territories and citizens, including disaster relief when called upon, she is also involved in counter-narcotic operations, working with partners in the region. At the same time the ship and crew continue to be on short notice to react to any emerging crises around the Caribbean.

Her slightly unusual cargo including tractors, diggers, trucks, quad bikes, command and all-terrain vehicles helps to make her the perfect disaster relief platform in time of need. However, it is the personnel and their skills in using them which makes the real difference and can assist local emergency services during any crises.



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