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Priority areas for the constituency of St. Peters outlined by representative M.P

Job creation for his constituents is foremost on the mind of St. Peter’s Member of Parliament Asot Michael as he seeks to transform the lives of thousands of residents he represents in Parliament.

Addressing them directly last Friday from the seat, they helped him win for the ABLP in 2004, M.P Michael said his commitment has always been to improve the lives of his constituents, and he has held firm to that promise, adding that of major importance to him going forward, is placing the young people of St. Peter’s on a path to self empowerment.

“My top priority for the future is the creation of jobs for the young people of the community, I refer to jobs that would be challenging and rewarding that would allow our young people to reach their fullest potential,” Michael detailed.

In his first major meeting with constituents in 2015, following the general elections the previous year, the Hon. Asot Michael promised a change to the trend, where his people were being excluded from gainful employment. Back then, plans for the refurbishment of sporting facilities, road construction, street lighting, water and the repairs of clinics within the St. Peter constituency were also discussed at length. While many of those plans were set in motion, the St. Peter’s M.P understands the work is far from over.

“I am fully aware that we must continue to develop our housing stock, refurbish our roads in the constituency and with the support of our Government we will be embarking on that development this year. As your representative the areas, health and education are dear to me, in this regard I will be introducing programs to strengthen both in the community,” he revealed.

While renewing his promise to champion their causes from a governmental perspective, Mr. Michael told the House of Representatives that his mission was to ensure that no constituent will be left behind as his government continues to improve the lives of Antiguans and Barbudans.

“I promised you the good people of Pares, Parham Town, Vernon’s, Gunthropes, Lindsey, Paynters and Fitches Creek and that I would dedicate my efforts to the continued growth and prosperity of the constituency. Working together we have made our community the envy of many other communities, over the years we have improved the infrastructure of the community, we have created opportunity for the young and we have provided the support needed for the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed and most vulnerable among us.”

“We have seen the improvements in 2016 and more is promised in 2017. Better days are not just coming bye and bye but they have finally arrived,” he concluded.



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