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Potters Family Caught with Crack-Cocaine and Ecstasy

A Potters family is expected before the court on Monday charged with Possession of Cocaine and Ecstasy.

55yrs-old Roan Jacobs, along with his wife Colene Jacobs and their son Kareem Jacobs all of Potters were arrested and jointly charged with Possession of 377.9 grams of Crack-Cocaine;  Possession with intent to supply; Being concerned in the Supplying of Crack-Cocaine and Possession of Ecstasy. Kareem Jacobs was further jointly charged with 31yrs-old Alston Rodney also of Potters with Possession of 92 grams of Cannabis and Possession with intent to transfer.

On Thursday, officers attached to the Narcotics Department and the Special Services Unit executed a Search Warrant on the Jacob’s family home and found a large quantity of Crack-Cocaine and one Ecstasy tablet hidden inside. The police also executed a Search Warrant on a bar in Potters called Magic City Enterprise owned and operated by Kareem and found a quantity of Cannabis. Alston Rodney, who was also found on the premises was arrested and taken into custody along with the rest of the family. The drugs was seized and taken to the police station.

Both Kareem Jacobs and Alston Rodney were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until Monday; while both parents were offered bail in the sum of $2,500 each with two separate sureties. They are also expected in Court on Monday.

Meanwhile, Ingrid Natasha Gouldbourne of Jamaica, who was charged for a number of drugs related offences in March of last year, was sentenced to 4yrs in prison on Friday. She appeared before Justice Keith Thom in the High Court and was convicted and sentenced to 2yrs for Possession of Cannabis and 4yrs on the charge of Importation of Cannabis. Time spent on remand was taken into consideration. The sentences will run concurrently. She was held at the V.C. Bird International Airport with a suitcase of Cannabis, weighing 49 ¾ pounds.



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