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Police Addresses Video on Social Media, Says Officers Did Well To Restrain Themselves

The Administration within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda is aware of an amateur video that has been making its rounds on social media. The video is depicting members of the police force effecting an arrest of a female at the Antigua Commercial Bank at Thames and St. Mary’s Streets.

The police were summoned to the bank to render assistance, as a result of a report made of her behaviour inside the bank. This is one of many instances, where the police was summoned to the said bank, among several other business places to address similar incidents involving the said female, who appears to be mentally challenged. In this particular incident, she literally threw herself on the ground, and began to behave in a rambunctious manner. The officers on the scene exercise much restraint, as she put up a struggle to avoid being arrested.

The matter is nonetheless being investigated so that both the police and the management of the bank can have a more comprehensive knowledge as to what actually transpired. Anyone with additional information that may further assist the police in their investigations is asked to contact the Office of Professional Standard at Police Headquarters at 462-0125.



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