PM Browne Determined to Provide Thousands of Homes for Antiguans and Barbudans

As development continues for the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has renewed his commitment to providing homes for the citizenry. In his New Year’s address, the Prime Minister spoke of several achievements the government has made thus far; despite the crippling economy they inherited.

PM Browne stated unequivocally, “It should be clear for all to see, that had this government not inherited this financial calamity from the previous administration that did absolutely nothing to resolve it, we would have had hundreds of millions more to spend on improving the lives of our people, including building 500 homes.”

During his address to the nation, the PM detailed how many homes are under construction and those in the pipelines.

“As matters stand, we have over three hundred homes under construction and we remain determined, to provide several thousand homes in the coming years; in keeping with our commitment to expand and renew the housing stock.” He said.

The state subsidized homes are intended to give the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda the ability to have homeownership in an efficient way.

With the immense number of applicants, it is by no surprise that many Antiguans are pleased to hear of the government’s pledge to continue executing housing projects.

According to Bernard Gardner, Executive Director of the National Housing & Urban Renewal Company, some 140 homes between Paynters and Denfields are currently under construction, with Lightfoot site being prepared and lots sub-divided.

Gardner went on to explain that 160 homes in Paynters are projected to be completed this year 2018, with another 148 homes in Denfields and 60 homes in Lightfoot.

More and more families are applying to benefit from these modernized and efficient homes across the island. The Executive Director suggests that the public’s response for applications has been tremendous.

At Dredge Bay “ There were over 600 applicants for the homes constructed which have already been sold, at Paynters, approximately 3,500 persons applied for the 160 homes at this site, with over 1000 applicants for the 148 homes at Denfields and for the 60 homes projected to be constructed at Lightfoot, there are over 120 applicants to date,” the director informed.
Director Gardner included that “approximately $80 Million thus far has been injected into the housing project and there is man power of over 300 employees.”

Meanwhile, the economic power the government has afforded to the people extends from homeownership to owing vehicles. Across the islands the average household now has at least two vehicles. This is primarily the result of concession policies the government has implemented in order to mitigate the hefty loans individuals would normally undertake to own a vehicle.

During the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, he highlighted the number of financial injections the Government continues to make in order to provide a better life for Antiguans and Barbudans while affording many with the opportunity to have gainful employment



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