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Over 3 Million Dollars Spent on APUA in Barbuda

Accountability on the reconstruction of Barbuda post Hurricane Irma continued in Cabinet on Wednesday, July 11th. According to Cabinet notes, the Government is said to have spent in excess of EC$3 million on the reconstruction of APUA’s services in the sister isle.

The monies are said to have been spent on the replacement of a number of wires, poles, pipes and other infrastructures used by APUA for the delivery of their services.

According to notes from the Cabinet brief, “All of APUA’s supplies, intended for storage in the event of a natural disaster, have been shipped to Barbuda since last September 2017.”

The brief goes on to state that a new stock order of the same materials has been placed, in order to ensure that the nation’s electricity-supply, telephone and water-supply systems can be quickly repaired, in the event of a destructive storm this hurricane season.



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