Sir Novelle Richards Academy students get timely lessons on kidney health

Over 100 students from the Sir Novelle Richards Academy paid keen attention to what Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health and the Environment, Samantha Moitt, had to say regarding ‘best practices’ for healthy kidneys.

The session was interactive as the students were told of the importance of eating healthy to ensure good nutrition and good control of their blood sugar.

She used the opportunity to discourage the habit of some students who tend to go without breakfast.

When the question was asked about how many students have had or did not ‘break’ their ‘fast’ this morning, although the majority of hands were raised to the positive, quite a number of them responded in the negative where this was concerned.

Moitt charged, “You really need to have some form of nourishment and energy to keep going right. Even if you don’t want to have a heavy breakfast, just having something light, maybe a fruit, bread, some crackers or tea, something to help you keep going, is important.”

The core of this morning’s presentation dealt with the kidney and its many functions.

Moitt’s presentation listed the critical functions of these organs to include the removal of excess fluid from the body, balancing minerals and chemicals in the body, controlling blood pressure and helping the body produce red blood cells.

The golden rules which can help to prevent kidney disease were also presented.

They include eating healthy, keeping fit and active, maintaining a healthy fluid intake, avoid smoking and keep body weight under control

The students were quizzed at the end of the presentation and from their response, it showed that they have really learned a lot as they scored well and were encouraged by small tokens by Ms. Moitt.

Moitt also made a presentation of the Food Based Dietary guidelines to the school which she encouraged students to follow and to make a part of their daily eating habits.

Kidney disease and treatment were also covered during the presentation.

Moitt’s presentation formed part of a series of activities that are now in full swing ahead of World Kidney Day on March 8TH.



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