Opposition MP Boycotts her party’s boycott of Budget Presentation

Opposition Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St. Luke the Hon. Joanne Massiah on Friday attended the 2017 Budget Statement presentation by Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston despite her party’s decision to boycott the sitting of the House of Representatives.

The Opposition member who would have driven along the route where her Opposition colleagues were picketing outside the Parliament building is reported to have remarked that she is about doing the business of the people who elected her to the House.

Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald Watts during the sitting of the House outlined that elected parliamentarians do not have any power to absent themselves from any sitting outside of the rules of the House.  He said that every member of the House is bound to attend sittings of parliament and can only be absent while on official business, hence a boycott of any sitting of the parliament for a political picket is an attack on the great institution that is the parliament.

Upon entering the chamber of the House, MP Massiah was welcomed by loud applause from Members of the Government side and members of the public in the gallery.



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