One was called A-You-She – The Other Jack Ripper

By: Rawlston Pompey

This commentary, looks specifically at (i) “…Removal of Morrad Modle Ghonim 42, to a US jurisdiction; … (ii) …Contrasting approaches; (iii) …Sectionalized references to the Extradition Act; (iv) …STRATCOM’ Press Release; (v) …Demise of Chief Immigration officer Colonel Ivor Walker; (vi)…Entanglement of Austin Jack Warner 72; and (vii)  …Possible extradition to the United States.” His troubles relate to the “…alleged transfer of an estimated US$10M through United States Bank and Wire Services.” Under US laws, the transfer of money, particularly, that which “…raises suspicion over acquisition and transfer,” is prohibited by the “…United States restrictive Wire Act.” He also stands indicted on “…bribery, corruption and racketeering charges” [BBC: May 27, 2015]. In respect to Morrad Ghonim, he appeared to have steered clear of the law. He had established a thriving business in “…Beauty Supplies” [April 2012]. Few people knew that he was being eyed by Federal authorities for charges relating to a “…Capital Felony, allegedly committed on US soil” [July 23, 1992].


Likened to African/American actor, Sidney Poitier who acted in the movie in which he said “…They Call Me Mr. Tibbs” [1970], Jordanian-born shrewd businessman “…Morrad Modle Ghonim 42,” was called “…A-You-She. He was said to havclaimed American citizenship. His current wife was identified as a former Dominica beauty queen, “…Nadira Lando” [Dominica News online: January 6, 204]. The name ‘Ayoushe’ was not only associated with an apparent thriving “…Beauty Supplies and Salon business,” but also with “…money; …beautiful women; …wine and song. The people immediately around him may have been infectiously captured by the “…Ayoushe Spirit.” Though surpassed by former Texan investor, R. Allan Stanford in affluence, his business acumen and generosity had popularized the name ‘Ayoushe.’ Exhibiting characteristics of “…sociability and confidence,” he had reportedly displayed a charismatic personality that was both appealing and endearing. Young females reportedly gravitated to, and adored him. Many idolized and reportedly fraternized with him. Those who had “…tickled his fancy,” were reportedly “…showered with expensive gifts.


Ayoushe harbored no fear in “…expending his money, particularly, for causes he may have considered necessary and gratifying. He had sponsored “…beauty pageants; …contributed significantly to sports and charitable organizations.” He made those around him happy. Reliable sources suggested that he had made “…notable personalities financially happy.” Business wise, he sold reasonably priced beauty supplies; thus his business was widely patronized. Female patrons had transformed themselves, not into a “…Thing of Beauty,” but “…Women of Beauty.” His employees were said to be mostly petite females. The lone male in his employ was Lucene Edwards, a former Senior Police Prosecutor, “…Security officer and confidante.” His tenure, however, was reportedly short-lived. It has been said that “…over-familiarity breeds contempt.” Usually, when men had displayed “…crab-like tendencies,” him so identified, shall leave the hole. He was said to have “…lived luxuriously and spent lavishly.” Then one day, “…he, his …business, happiness, liberty, freedom and business” were suddenly whisked away [May 23, 2015]. 


Every once in a while, nature speaks through its elements the skies turn gray; …the sun and moon go into eclipse, thedarkness descendsMysteriously, lightning flashes, brightening the darkened sky. The thunder rolls in the distance, striking fear into the hearts of man; likened to Jonah who flees from God, the sea rages. Then billowing waves inundated shorelines as they rushed inland. Fierce and intense, the wind howls eerily; …deluge turns into torrents, washing away everything in its path- man and beast, vegetation, structures and equipment. Then the earth shakes and the mountain crumbles; ….volcano erupts; molten rocks turned into deadly lavaflowing across the landscape, while spewing fireballs and ash skyward.” There is no place to run or hide. Believing that the end had come upon the living, terror-stricken humans tremble; …the heart beats uncontrollably, propelling throbs that had sent a mad rush of blood through weakened vessels to the heart and brain, inducing rupture and precipitating stroke and massive heart failure. Man drops motionlessly. His time on earth had ended. Those left standing, mourned and grieved.


In reality, and in many other forms, human life bears these similarities. They are replicated in the way humans treat each other. In defining moments, the living reflects upon the changing scenes of life; …their fortune or misfortune; …their trials and tribulations; …triumphs and failures; …disappointment; …deception; …destruction and death.” Some paid tributes; …someone read eulogies, while Christian Ministries Bishop Charlesworth Browne sits, and pensively await his moment to deliver stirring, but often soul-searching sermonSpeaking to the living, he urges “…Christian-like living; …rescue the perishing, though not from nature’s fury, but from the wrath of man and God. He urges “…hope for the dying and peace and goodwill toward men.” The most dreaded moment arrives, when he shall say to the living and dead, “…Dust to Dust; …Ashes to ashes.” A loved one was finally laid to rest. He blasphemes and suffers no more.  The living departs the resting place with somber   feelings and penitence. All then sing “…In the sweet bye and bye [Bennett & Webster]. These marked the human experiences and the “…inexplicable cycle and complexities of life. 


In world affairs, there are endless possibilities. Yet as humans interact, their deeds or misdeeds speak to “…frailties – inadvertence; …calculations; …propensities; …connivance; …treachery; …temptations and weakness of the flesh and love of money.” These are not only problematic, but also fraught with inescapable danger. In the “…Twinkling of an eye” [Corinthians 15: 52], man’s aspirational goals becomes illusive; …hopes are dashed and dreams are shattered. Their individual world collides, not necessarily by the forces of nature, by the “…dictates of man.” Man’s societal and/or positional status change; …feelings of contentment disappears; grandeur becomes illusory; …indispensability disappeared; …he suffers indignities, then his ego hurts; his moments of glory suddenly end.” He is marginalized and/or ostracized. Constantly, there is “…Organizational Mistrust.”


For Chief Immigration officer, Colonel Ivor Walker, it may have been an extraordinarily intriguing week, marked by “…organizational mistrust.” A single day had brought “…Professional Horror.” Though void of options and/or choices, he irrestibly and humbly accepted that his place and comfort zone, were within the confines of Camp Blizzard, home of the military wing of the “…Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force. For Jordanian/American businessman, Morrad Modle Ghonim 42, proprietor of “…Ayoushe Beauty Supplies Limited” and Colonel Ivor Walker, former Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) it may have been a week full of “…intrigue, drama and living hell” [May 22, 2015]. Unlike Austin Jack Warner, when businessman Morrad Ghonim found no way in mounting legal challenges to his declared status- “…Persona No Grata,” he knew that with a Court appearance on Saturday [May 23, 2015], he was destined to “…Penal Hell.” Hence, he knew that he could neither escape nor avoid unplanned travel arrangements, which, most certainly would have led him into “…institutional residency in a United States penitentiary.”


Likened to the “…House Ways and Means Committee,” there was no shortage of “…Strategic Ideas and/or Methodologies” in nabbing the undesirables- be they “…world leaders, terrorists or criminal suspects. It will have been seen that “…international cooperation; …intelligence; …sophistication; …investigative skills; …techniques; …technologies and political pressure,” have always made “…trapping and nabbing,” relatively easy.” For instance, in the case of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist, Bin Laden was “…Captured Dead” [May 2, 2011]. In the case of Jamaican “…drug lord, gun-runner and racketeer, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke,” following a “…Request for Extradition,” such had encountered “…intense governmental resistance” [2009]. When a US Law firm may have been unwittingly engaged to conduct lobbying to have Federal indictments withdrawn, little did the Junior Foreign Affairs Minister Ronald Robinson know, he had, unknowingly communicated with “…Federal authorities.”


Not for the first time the “…US military and Federal Agencies” have shown to the global community, that they not only possess the “…Resource Capacity,” but also the “…power to influence and/or dictate foreign policies. These agencies have also shown they possess the wherewithal to eliminate threats to democracy- (terrorism and those akin to criminality) or those likely to affect “…US economic and security interests.” Consequently, they had either, openly or clandestinely, orchestrated “…governmental downfalls; …removed and/or kidnapped leaders; …ostracized some and/or influenced their demise.” A short list will reveal the alleged US-orchestrated experiences of Presidents “People Revolutionary Government (PRG) of Grenada” [October: 1983]; …Jean-Claude Duvalier [1986]; …Manuel Antonio Noriega [1989] and Jean-Bertrand Aristide [1991].


When former Prime Minister Bruce Golding gave the appearance that he had been pressured into issuing the “…Authority to Proceed” with the extradition proceedings, not only did “…a vicious gun battle erupt in Tivoli Gardens,” but it also left “…74 combative and non-combative residents and Security Forces personnel fatally wounded” [May 2010]. Adding to Golding’s and Police Commissioner Owen Ellington “…leadership, governmental, political and operational troubles and demise,” both had resigned their respective positions. Subsequently, intercepted in a vehicle driven by a controversial “…Man of cloth,” Reverend Al Miller, ‘Dudus,’ opting to stay out of the “…notorious Jamaican penitentiary,” reportedly “…waived his right to extradition hearings,” surrendering to Federal authorities [June 22, 2010].


Some States were known to have circumvented established legal procedures; …pressured governments, thus imposing their will upon weak leaders. Unlike Jack Warner who was allowed “…Due Process” through extradition proceedings, “…Morrad Modle Ghonim” may rightly or wrongly, attribute his predicament to breaches of “…Natural Justice.” This principle speaks to the “…Right to be heard; …Right of silence and Right to a fair and impartial hearing.” There was also the “…prevailing constitutional “…Presumption of Innocence; and …Protection of the Law” [CO: Section 15]. Even after a previously failed “…judicially determined extradition request,” Italian-born, Heritage Quay, businessman Dante Tagliaventi was still a hopeful “…Prized Catch.” Unsuspectingly lured into travel to the Dominican Republic with unidentified undercover Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA), had he known of the “…Flight Dragnet,” he may have aborted the fateful flight. Nabbed, the flight was diverted to Puerto Rico.” He remains languishing in a penitentiary on indictments of “…Drug trafficking/money laundering and conspiracy charges” [April 2012].


Though “…FIFA’s corruption and bribery suspects” were not necessarily lured to Switzerland, as, United States authorities appeared to have repeated that which it had previously executed. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) had convened a “…Training Seminar for Heads and Deputy Heads” of the region’s international and non-international Airports in Trinidad and Tobago. Federal eyes were trained on a “…Fugitive from US Justice.” He was wanted by Federal authorities for fraud offenses. A “…Security Trap” was then laid at a Port of Spain hotel for the Antiguan-born Deputy Head of Security at VC Bird International Airport. With “…an all-expenses paid package, with fox-like cunningness, he was “…Lured from Antigua” and that which may have been a “…Request for Extradition.” When he reportedly checked in, with effortless ease, undercover DEA agents nabbed him. Having reportedly waived his right to “…Extradition Hearings,” he was also provided another “…All Expenses Paid Trip” back to the United States [2010]. This speaks to the “…sophistication, persistence and strategic cunningness of “…Federal Foxes.”


In cases of removal from one State to another, this necessitates the institution of “…Committal Proceedings” through “…Extradition Orders and/or Deportation Orders.” In these particular cases, the law provides for due process and fair hearings. For reasons of “…Deportation,” the Immigration and Passport Act (IPA), empowers the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) to declare persons “…Prohibited Immigrants.” The Act states “…If any person is held to be a prohibited immigrant [IPA: Chapter 208: Section 25]. For Morrad Modle 42, his troubles appeared to have begun in July 1992. Back then it was alleged that a”…convicted killer named …Martinez,” allegedly contracted by him, had cold-bloodedly snuffed out the life of his seventeen year-old wife Maria Victoria Ghonim [July 23, 1992]. Law enforcement seemingly side-stepping Chief Immigration Officer, Colonel Ivor Walker appeared to have been smarting under “…external prompts” instituted charges of “…Overstaying Time” that may have been “…reasonably; …properly, officially and lawfully” handled by the Immigration Department.


By whatever name it is called, and by whatever approaches used; legal or illegal, the “…Removal of Persons,” is the right of all sovereign States. This has not only been a universal practice, but has also been the result of “…Mutual Assistance Treaties” between nations. In the case of “…Morrad Ghonim,” this may have been duly executed by the Chief Immigration Officer, if the defendant was deemed a “…Prohibited Immigrant” by [Section 25: IPA: Chapter 208]. Invariably, impoverished and military-powerless nations have been caught “…between the devil and the deep blue sea.” Many have been seen as being subjected to “…foreign pressure.” Thus, many were seen to have “…coercively surrendered their sovereignty to “…economically-powerful nations.” This may have been the case with the controversial “…Shipriders Agreement” between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM); …Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the United States.” Under the premise of “…international cooperation” in the fight against narcotics-trafficking, this allows for US Coastguard to “…intercept; …pursue; …embark; …search and seize ships” suspected and/or laden with “…guns, narcotics and humans” within their territorial waters [July 1996-1997]. 


The accusations that “…Morrad Modle Ghonim” had masterminded the “…cold-blooded murder of his then 17 year-old wife, Victoria Ghonim, had provoked outrage among a cross-section of the society. No formal request was made for extradition. Yet, by whatever ‘methodologies’ necessary, he was required by Federal authorities to face indictments for “…Conspiratorial charges of murder” [La Mirada: July 23, 1992]. In most regional jurisdictions, there are “…Extradition Treaties” between “…requesting and requested nations” and there are legal procedures to be followed when persons are required in particular jurisdictions to face or answer criminal charges called “…Extradition Crime.” For instance, the “…Extradition Act” interprets this as “…Conduct in the territory or foreign or designated Commonwealth country, which, if it occurred in Antigua and Barbuda would constitute an offence punishable by imprisonment of twelve months or greater punishment, and which, however described in the law, of the foreign state or Commonwealth country, is so punishable under that law” [Extradition Act: No.12 of 1993]. 


Through a Press Release, disseminated information by the “…Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) department within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda contained “…Executive Information,” that may have been properly communicated by either the “…Government’s Press Liaison Officer Maurice Merchant; …the Chief of Staff Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst or Chief Immigration officer (CIO), Colonel Ivor Walker” [Antigua Chronicle: May 24, 2015]. Law enforcement may have been obligingly cooperative with these public officers. However, it may have been made awkward when “…Morrad Ghonim” was charged with an offence under the “…Immigration and Passport Act,” a power residing with the Chief Immigration officer. 


While the “…Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) Department, issued a “…Press Release” that speaks to the accused “…arrest and declaration of Persona Non Grata,” (an unwelcomed person), the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department may have inadvertently exposed flaws in the procedures followed by the Police Service. This had allowed for reasonable inferences to be drawn that in the absence of “…Due Process,” the “…Principles of Natural Justice” may have been breached. Speaking to reporters in Texas, County officials stated “…A man accused of hiring a hit man for $500 to kill his wife at a La Mirada park in 1992 is in a Florida jail awaiting extradition; …Homicide detectives went to Antigua and Barbuda on May 20 to follow up on the July 23, 1992 murder of Victoria Ghonim; …Morrad Ghonim who was living in Antigua and Barbuda with his current wife, was arrested and sent back to the United States on Saturday” [Ruby Gonzales: San Gabriel Valley News: May 28, 2015].


It was obvious that the return of “…murder/accused Morrad Ghonim” had attracted widespread attention and interest in the United States media. This followed a ten-year continued investigation into that which was considered a “…Cold Case. [July 23, 1992 – May 20, 2015]. The “…Explanatory Circumstances” surrounded his hasty removal, appeared to have been clouded by suspicion, as to be deemed “…dicey.” Eager for a scoop, respecting “…Morrad Ghonim’s,” the US media appeared determined to know whether it was also the result of the “…non-possession of a Work Permit” as reported in the “…STRATCOM Press Release” [May 24, 2015]. The information regarding “…Work Permits,” may have been prudently left to the Labor Department, Labor Commissioner or Labor Minister Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin. 


When reportedly quizzed by a US press reporter, Ruby Gonzales, demonstrating his “…intellectual skills and legal-wit,” Labor, National Security Minister and Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, tersely said “…I would say that Mr. Ghonim was returned to the U.S; …He was not extradited.” Even with jurisdictional invalidity, he was reported to have disclosed “…There was a warrant issued by a Superior Court in Los Angeles County.” Sensing that something may have been “…legally or procedurally wrong,” the reporter responded “…His name doesn’t appear in the Federal inmate, or Los Angeles County Sheriff’s online booking system” [SGVN: May 2015]. Interestingly, having been removed without “…Extradition Hearings,” Such was a requirement of Miami Laws to enable extradition to California.  


There exists “…Extradition Arrangements” between the regional and the “…United States,” the latter enjoys no membership among the “…Commonwealth Nations” [EA: Section 5]. For clarity of the interpretations contained in the Extradition Act [Antigua & Barbuda], the “…United States is deemed a foreign State.” In this jurisdiction, the procedures that both “…Requesting and Requested States” [Section 9] shall follow, include, (i) “…Formal Request; (ii) …Supplying of pertinent documentation.” Notwithstanding, no proceedings shall be instituted and/or conducted without (iii) “…Extradition Arrangements [Section 2]. (iv) …Proceedings shall be instituted and conducted before a Court of Committal [Section 11]. (v) …the offence shall be an Extradition crime [Section 2]; (vi) …an appropriate authority [Section 8] shall issue an Authority to Proceed (ATP) [Section 9(1)], that is, the Minister charged with the responsibility for External Affairs” [Section 2] and (vi) …Issuance of a Provisional Warrant” [EA: No. 12 0f 1993: Section 10 (1)]. The proceedings are usually handled by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on behalf of the “…Requesting State.” 


It all started when law enforcement appeared to have intruded upon clearly defined “…Immigration Space.” Thus, scant regard may have been given to the “…responsibilities; …role; …functions and powers of Chief Immigration officer (CIO), Colonel Ivor Walker [IPA: Chapter 208]. Such disregard had  triggered a “…Consequential Chain Reaction” that cleared the way for Jordanian/American/businessman Morrad Modle Ghonim (i) …to be prosecuted for  a convenient Immigration offence; (ii) …faced expeditious prosecutorial hearing on a Friday; (iii) …Declared a risk to National Security; (iv) …Made unscheduled Court appearance on Saturday; (v) …Withdrawal of charge, then (vi) …Hastily dispatched on an American Airline flight with two United States homicide investigators, bound to Miami. More devastatingly, it had provoked the “…immediate sacking of Chief Immigration Officer, Colonel Ivor Walker” [May22, 2015]. 


Interestingly, the Press Release partially states, “…Businessman Morrad Ghonim of Marble Hill, owner of Ayoushe Beauty Supplies Limited, was on Friday 22nd May 2015, deemed “…Persona Non Grata by the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda; …Upon recommendations, based on information received, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda on Friday 22nd May, 2015, in the interest of National Security declared Morrad Modle Ghonim Persona Non Grata and asked that Immigration Department take action immediately” [STRATCOM]. This had forced “…an unscheduled appearance” by the Chief Immigration officer before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh to explain “…Morrad Ghonim’s Immigration status.” 


Thexplanatory evidence given to the Court reportedly left adjudicators baffled, and Law enforcement Prosecutors “…Embarrassingly Stunned [May 22, 2015]. Forced to delay the trial, an accommodating Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh “…unhesitatingly and indulgently” accommodated an adjournment to “…Tuesday” [May 25, 2015], for continuation of the trial. Subsequently, there was a “…dramatic announcement-” Colonel Ivor Walker had returned from whence he came [May 22, 2015]. Though, it may have been of pure academic interest, other than ‘STRATCOM’s seemingly “…perverted press version, the merits or demerits of Ghonim’s removal, were not of particular import to this commentary.


Anticipating that some “…decisions; …declarations; …actions and/or orders” might be considered ultra vires the constitution, and more importantly, “…the fundamental rights of the individual,” the Immigration and Passport Act provides for appeals. Thus, it states that a person may make “…appeals to the Magistrate’s Court or Court of Appeal against the decision that he is a prohibited immigrant” [IPA: Section 39]. Hence, the law makes it sufficiently clear that the power to declare a person a “…Prohibited Immigrant,” resides with the Chief Immigration officer. Thus, it states “…If any person is held to be a prohibited immigrant, then subject to the provisions of this Act, and the terms of any permit, granted under this Act, any Magistrate Court on the application of an Immigration officer or any person deputed in writing by the Chief Immigration officer for the purpose of making such application, order the person to be removed from Antigua and Barbuda” [IPA: Section 25]. 


Even with existing “…International Obligations,” invariably, there are “…reasons of obscurity” behind certain initiatives. While attention was said to have been focused on the “…expeditious removal of a Jordanian/American businessman” from this jurisdiction to the United States, on suspicion of a “…capital felony, attention was now focused on former “…CONCACAF boss the loquacious, indomitable, defiant and apparent intrepid Austin Jack Warner.” For the Trinidad and Tobago-born national, politician and former National Security Minister, he had been troubled, firstly by “…Scandals involving huge sums of solicited money, allegedly tainted by “…bribery and corruption; …building of a sports stadium.” Secondly, there were innumerable political issues, raising grave concern over questionable spending of “…CONCACAF and FIFA Money.” 


Media reports have suggested that Austin Jack Warner was (i) …dogged by bribery and corruption scandals; (ii) …he fell from the grace of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her administration. He may have been reckless not to know that he was under the microscopic lenses of Federal authorities. He had rivaled her, persisted in attacking her “…governmental plans; …programmes and administrative policies.” Unknowingly, he may have been influencing her administration to cooperate with Federal authorities. However, barring existing “…International Obligations and Extradition Arrangements” with foreign powers, Jack may have been “…Ripping away at her government.” Consequent upon such arrangements, nations are required to render “…Mutual Assistance” and give full cooperation to “…International Partners” [US A.G. Loretta Lynch].


Respecting “…allegations of corruption,” Jack Warner was right. These had dogged many officials charged with “…managerial and/or fiduciary responsibilities.” Some had siphoned off “…from the top; …some from the middle and some from the bottom.” Invariably, some were inescapably trapped by “…accountability; …integrity and by acts of criminality.” When he reportedly fell from “…political grace” and suspectedly resigned from the “…Kamla Persad-Bissessar administration,” not only had strained relations ensued, but had also provoked “…political feuds.” When his former leader described the cost of TT$6.8M for retrieving a Fire Tender from a precipice as a “…Fiasco,” this appeared to have marked the end of his “…feisty disposition. When he was forced to resign from her administration that marked “…Alfa and Omega” of his Political and Federal Troubles” [BBC: April, 22, 2013]. Jack Warner’s “…Center of Excellence,” constructed at an estimated cost of US$25.9M was at the center of much controversy. This had prompted “…corruption and integrity investigations.” 


Whomever may have weaved the “…Web of Corruption,” it seemed that several top FIFA officials got themselves inescapably entangled. Conversely, when former CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice President Austin ‘Jack’ Warner sought to dispel suggestions that he may have been caught in the “…Web of Corruption,” he may have ignored the “…power, influence of Federal authorities, its resolve and “…Long Arm of Law.” Federal agents had reached across the globe, nabbing or causing the corruptible to be “…corralled in national penitentiaries or held on foreign soil.” In seemingly well coordinated operations, while Federal authorities swooped down on seven alleged “…Corrupt FIFA officials on US; … Swiss and Trinidad and Tobago soil. The authorities scooped up the “…tenacious and indomitable Jack Warner,” temporarily securing his “…Ripper” at the penal institution [May 25, 2015].


Though he had not, in actuality worn a crown, ever since Sir David Anthony Cathcart Simmons KA, BCH, QC, conducted investigations into the “…CONCACAF dealings and operational stewardship,” Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer may have harbored thoughts that incarceration was imminent. This contention may have been gleaned from the“…Integrity Committee Report,” presented to the Executive Committee of the “…Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)” [April 18, 2013]. The thought of incarceration in a “…United States Penitentiary” must be frightening, worrying and horrifying. The person who must now feel terrify might be “…Trinidad and Tobago politician, Jack Warner.” Now wanted in United States jurisdictions on “…Corruption and racketeering charges, the former “…CONCACAF President and Vice President of FIFA” may have found comfort outside its borders. However, when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar signed the “…Authority to Proceed” with extradition proceedings, Jack might have “…Dreams to remember” [Otis Redding]. 


For the governing body, “…Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), former executive members of the “…world’s richest sports organization,” may now see that the sport shall not only have been contested on the “…field of play; …with players wearing spiked-soles shoes; …passing and running after balls; …viciously tackling opponents; …forcing application of rules for foul or dangerous play; …with whistle-blowing referees for free or goal kicks; …with flag-raising linesmen, indicating offside positions to negate scored goals.” To all intents and purposes, Jack vigorously denied involvement in corrupt practices, previously dispelled corruption allegations as “…Damn Foolishness.” He may now see that which the “…British media had reported as bribery and corruption, United States Federal authorities had not merely seen the allegations as “…Dam foolishness” [UK. Guardian: 2012]. As Swiss authorities descended on “…FIFA Executives, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, commended the “…international partners” for netting the “…corrupt and bribery-stricken officials” [CNN: May 27, 2015]. 


Previously quizzed about conduct akin to “…corruption,” he reportedly told a reporter “…Allegations are made every day; …every week and every year; …I have no interest in them” [UK Guardian: 2012]. Having spent a night in a Trinidad jail and that which he faces, Jack Warner may now say this is “…Damn Serious Business.” There may have been several issues that may have caused Jack Warner anxieties. Seemingly, when a “…Sir David Simmons Integrity Report” revealed gross financial misbehavior in his “…CONCAF/FIFA Stewardship, this may have precipitated his ‘…Federal Troubles.” Since then, Jack appeared to have tempered “…his fiery expressions with humility and seriousness.” Three years later, when “…Swiss and United States authorities” swooped down on thirteen of his colleagues and a formal “…Extradition Request” was dispatched to the “…Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s administration” requesting his removal to the United States to face Federal indictments on allegations of “…bribery and corruption; …conspiratorial use of US banks and Wire facilities to transfer proceeds estimated at US$10M, proceeds, reasonably suspected to have been derived from such charges. 


The investigative Committee, comprised “…former Barbados Attorney General and Chief Justice, Sir David Simmons; …retired US Judge Ricardo Urbino; Ernesto Hempe, retired partner-Risk Management and Ethics at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Inter-America; and legally guided by a US law firm Sidley Austin LLP. Functionally, it had “…advised and assist the committee in its investigation; …factual findings and conclusions” and had also provided “…forensic services; …assisting in collection and preservation of evidence” [Executive Summary: Page 5]. In its conclusion, the Committee focused, inter alia, on the controversial “…Center of Excellence and CONCACAF operations in Trinidad and Tobago. Thus, it concluded that (i) …Warner committed fraud against CONCACAF and FIFA; (ii) …Warner committed fraud and misappropriated funds from FIFA; (iii) …Warner and Blazer breached their fiduciary duties to CONCACAF.”


Clearly intended to show the “…Conspiratorial conduct and/or acts of collusion, the Integrity Committee Report states (i) “…Warner and Blazer violated CONCACAF Statutes; (ii) …Warner violated the FIFA Ethics Code” [Paragraphs 92-99]. Then with clear intentions in removing “…Jack’s nimbleness and quickness or to ensure Federal authorities “…blazed Chuck’s trail,” the Report continues (iii) …Warner and Blazer breached their fiduciary duties to CONCACAF; (iv) …Warner and Blazer committed fraud against CONCACAF; (viii) …Warner and Blazer breached their fiduciary duties to CONCACAF; (v) …Warner and Blazer violated CONCACAF Statutes” [Paragraphs 109-112]. Then seemingly ensuring that wherever Jack Warner or Chuck Blazer travelled, they shall accompany each other; thus, the Report further alleges that (vi) “…Chuck Blazer misappropriated CONCACAF funds and (vii) …Violated Federal Tax Laws” [Paragraph C: P vii]. Both “…Morrad Modle Ghonim and Austin Jack Warner” are now waiting “…Extradition Hearings” in “…Miami and Trinidad and Tobago-one for Murder, the other Racketeering charges.”  



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