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Nut Grove Man Murdered Last Night, Another Drowns at Fort James

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding a shooting incident Sunday night, which led to the death of 38yrs-old Almack Lambert of Nut Grove.

It is reported that Lambert was last seen around 8:10 pm walking out of a yard in Nut Grove, before he momentarily collapsed on the gallery of a house in the area. He was transported by the EMS to the Mount St. Johns Medical Center, where a medical doctor pronounced him dead shortly after 9 pm.  The police are appealing to anyone with information surrounding this recent incident to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913\14.

Meantime, police are investigating a drowning incident at Fort James Beach on Sunday, which led to the death of 41yrs-old Leroy Simon of Jennings.

Simon was among a group of people, to include two teenage boys, who went for a swim at the Fort James Beach around 3:30 pm on Sunday. Whilst in the water, both boys reportedly had difficulties swimming among the abnormal water-current, which was pulling them further into the deep. It was reported that both Simon and an adult friend saw what was happening and went to their rescue. They held both boys and were assisting them to safety, when Simon suddenly disappeared underneath the water. His body was later found floating face down and was pulled ashore. He was transported to the Mount St. Johns Medical Center by the EMS. Efforts to resuscitate him was unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead shortly after 5 pm by a medical doctor. Further investigations are currently ongoing into the matter.

Finally, Verdon Green of Old Road, who went missing last Wednesday, was found alive. He was found around 8:30 am on Monday in an area commonly referred to as Morris Garden. Two residents of Old Road found him lying in some bushes while tending to their animals, and notified the police. He is reported to be in good health, and was transported to the Mount St. Johns medical Center by the EMS.



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