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NODS Director Speaks on Barbuda Council’s Military Clash on Tuesday

Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin says the confrontation Tuesday between Barbuda Council members and military officers in Barbuda over use of the Council Office was unnecessary.

It was reported that the council members arrived at the office demanding to have a meeting in the building which has been under repairs after the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Mullin says it is unnecessary to have this type of situation as NODS is in the business of solving problems. He says if a meeting is required, a request can be made and once the space is adequate that is something that can be arranged with the NODS representative on the ground.

Mullin says except for the space immediately downstairs utilized by the NODS representative who assigns materials, the Barbuda Council office is still under repairs. The building has had its roof replaced but electrical and other works are still ongoing.



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