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New Promotions within the Police Force

Well over 50 Police Officers of the regular department within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda received promotions earlier this week. A list of 55 officers, from Corporals to Deputy Commissioner of Police was published amongst the ranks on Wednesday.

These promotions followed right at the heels of an announcement made by Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson during a Thanksgiving Service held at the Multi-purpose Cultural Center on the 25th of January. In his brief remarks then, Commissioner Robinson hinted to the gathering of almost 400 officers that promotions would be made shortly. He however said that he will remain mum until the final list, which was before the (PSC) Police Service Commission is with him.

The list includes Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Hughes, who was promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police. Superintendents Nuffield Burnette, Clayton Davis and Atlee Rodney were all promoted to Assistant Commissioners of Police. Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendents of Police Everton Jeffers, Clifton Cabral, Leonard Cabral and Avil Jacobs were   promoted to the ranks of Superintendent; while Inspectors Cecil Daley, Errol Paige, Ray John, Roland Cuffy, James Tonge and Samuel Joseph were elevated to the Assistant Superintendent of Police rank. On the other hand, Senior Sergeants of Police Frankie Thomas, Logan Joseph, Devon Graham, Theodore Horne, Mrs Louisa Benjamin-Quashie, Ms Brenda Jacobs, Trevor Robins, Elvis Cordice, among others, were promoted to the ranks of Inspector of Police. Also making up the list was a total of 14 Senior Sergeants, 19 Sergeants, and 2 Corporals.

Commissioner Robinson, in congratulating the officers encouraged them to continue strive for excellence, and to keep the integrity of the police organization held at the highest level. He also cautioned that there is no room for failure and that the safety and security of every citizen is hinged on the dedication and continued commitment of all within the organization. Within the past 2yrs, well over 400 promotions were made within the rank and file, excluding the Fire Department.



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