New Polyclinic and Crèche opens in Cedar Grove

The new Cedar Grove Polyclinic and Crèche (Day Care Centre) was officially opened during a lavish ceremony which was held in the rural north community last Thursday.

Many watched as Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph and Member of Parliament for the area Charles “Max” Fernandez cut the red, white, black, yellow and blue ribbons to signal the official opening of the facility .

In addressing the gathering, Minister Joseph said that it was always his desire to open the nearly two million dollar facility at the most opportune time.

“This facility, the Cedar Grove Clinic and Crèche has so far cost the Government 1.8 million dollars and counting and I was attacked on the radio by someone who wanted to know what am I doing about the opening of the Clinic but they really don’t know how I operate because I do not believe in soft openings. If the opening is not going to be firm and complete, it’s not going to happen,” Minister Joseph remarked.

Cedar Grove Clinic openingThe veteran politician boasted that the Cedar Grove Health Centre is the very best on the island and promised that all future clinics will be patterned after it.

“The people of Cedar Grove would be pleased to know that that this clinic is the very best equipped in the state of Antigua and Barbuda. This is the prototype of all that is to come”, the St. Mary’s North MP confirmed.

Prime Minister Browne used the opportunity to testify about the hard work and willingness of his administration to deliver in the best interest of the people.

“I prefer to say Polyclinic because this is more than just a clinic. It is a facility designed to provide modern health care services for the residents of this area and beyond and this is easily one of the best on the island, if not the best. I must add that the building was built under the former Government but a building by itself does not make a clinic so you got a building from the previous folks and now you are getting a Polyclinic under Labour”, Prime Minister Browne noted.

The man, in whose constituency the facility is located spoke briefly about the joy he was feeling in knowing that such an elite Health Care Institution was right within his backyard.

Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, Charles “Max” Fernandez had this to say. “This new clinic will represent the new standard of clinical health care delivery in Antigua and Barbuda and what we have here is the best outfitted clinic on the island.”

There were remarks as well from Director of Human Resources at the Medical Benefits Scheme-Wendy Jackson, Marlon Destin from AUA and Superintendent of Public Health Nurses, Nurse Coralita Joseph.

Nurse Joseph was ecstatic with the new facility which she believes will greatly boost the services of health care providers on the island.

“This clinic along with others are strategically placed for easy accessibility and also affordability. Our objective is the promotion of health, the prevention of illness and disease with the aim of minimizing morbidity and disability in our communities”, Joseph said.

On hand at the ceremony as well was his Excellency Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, Sir Dr. Rodney Williams.

The audience was also entertained with performances by students of the Cedar Grove Primary School, Ms. Tricia Ann Attwood and Ms. Radiance Mussington.



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