Disaster Management 

New Headquaters Underway for NODS

Construction work has started on the new headquarters for the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) operated by the National Office of Disaster Services on American Road.

The work, estimated at 2.2 million US dollars, is funded by the United States Southern Command, and is expected to take between 6-8 months to be completed.

The team, headed by US contractor, Carlos Rivera, from West Construction, arrived in Antigua on December 4 to conduct the preliminary work, which included interviews with sub-contractors.

Presently, the foundation is being laid and steel works are being done.

The new NEOC headquarters will make accommodations for a new building, office spaces, facilities for parking, improved Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) facilities and security to include fencing and back-up power, and generally a better layout of the surrounding space on the NODS compound.



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