National Athlete, Kamar Thomas, Gets Sandals Corporate Sponsorship

Sandals Grande Antigua’s Kamar Thomas, one of the nation’s top long-distance athletes, is all set to run with the backing of the Luxury-Included resort company.  Thomas, a supervisor in the resort’s Aqua Centre, has to date amassed an impressive cache of achievements and is poised to continue his winning ways.

In the first instance, the resort company will be covering the cost of Thomas’ gear for the next year, with plans to grow the relationship going forward. General Manager Gaurav “Mr G” Sindhi said Sandals was happy to support an athlete who has represented Antigua & Barbuda so competently.

“For a long time, Kamar has shown discipline, dedication and perseverance and has made Antigua, and by extension his Sandals family, proud. This is our way of showing support to someone who is both a model athlete and a model employee,” Sindhi said.

The Hurricane Power Athletic Club had congratulatory words for the 31-year-old athlete.

“We are proud to introduce Kamar as one of the most honest, supportive and hungry member athletes of our Club. With this sponsorship, this will give him the opportunity in his continued development under the banner of Sandals, our club and Antigua and Barbuda,” a reference letter from the club read.

Thomas said he was grateful for the support he has received from his company as training can be very costly.

“It can be hard to train as a top athlete while holding down a full time job. It’s not just the cost of uniforms, gear, proper diet and gym time, but it’s also about getting support when you need time off to travel or a flexible schedule to train,” Thomas said. “In this way, Sandals has been very supportive of my training.”

The athlete, born in St Elizabeth, Jamaica has lived in Antigua since 2009. As a member of the Hurricane Power Athletics Club he has dominated long-distance running in Antigua since 2014.

Thomas is the two-time winner of the Iron Krew Marathon and has placed first in various 5K and 10K events on the athletics calendar locally. He has also represented Antigua and Barbuda in Nevis, Barbados, Guadeloupe and Guyana.

For 2017 he is preparing to take Antigua’s flag to several regional events including the Guyana Independence 10K, Caricom 10K, Guadeloupe-NACAC 10K and Run Barbados.



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