Minister of Health and the Environment tours newly relocated AIDS Secretariat

Minister of Health and the Environment Molwyn Joseph has showered praises on the staff of the AIDS Secretariat as the organization gets set to serve the population from a first class facility in the city’s centre.

Speaking during a tour of the Secretariat’s new office in the former Caribbean Alliance Insurance Building on Long and Temple Streets on Monday, Joseph declared that the new developments will have a positive impact on the population.

Joseph noted that the high standard and quality of care that have been delivered by the Secretariat over the years are about to get even better.

Molwyn Joseph at AIDS Secretariat“We have actually established a standard that we intend to meet at all times. I want to commend the workers and the leadership of the AIDS Secretariat for the way they have responded to a quick resolution of this matter; they are hard workers; they have served their country well and they are truly deserving of this magnificent structure. So I just want to thank the entire staff who has been exemplary in the way they responded to this challenge so we are seeing a brighter future for the people of Antigua and Barbuda”, Joseph said.

Joseph said that he and his fellow cabinet colleagues were deeply moved to acquire a new facility after hearing that the workers` health and wellbeing were being greatly affected at the Redcliffe Street building.

“I am quite pleased with the progress that is being made here; the whole idea is to have the AIDS Secretariat located in a place where the members of staff can provide optimal service to their clients. I was quite disturbed when I heard about the languishing and poor accommodation that they were in for so many years and there was evidence that the health of the workers were being affected. And it really demonstrates the commitment of this Government because it was the cabinet that made the final decision for the immediate relocation of the AIDS Secretariat”, the Minister concluded.

With the transfer of equipment, medical supplies and office tools completed, full service at the new location is slated to begin in the first week of April.



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