Lovell again mulls change in Rural North constituency.

Usually reliable sources have informed this publication that, following revelations from the Supreme Court of New York that Dr. Mac Emanuel is facing fraud charges, he may be removed as the candidate for the United Progressive Party in the constituency of St John’s Rural North before nomination day.

The UPP Leader, Harold Lovell, is said to be considering replacing Emanuel with Dr Edmond Mansoor.  This latest development follows further revelations that, in addition to the case against him in New York, Emanuel has also filed for bankruptcy in the US.


The evidence of the claims above can be read in the Court Documents that are reproduced here:
According to the documents, Zhanghui Fang states that he “lent” Emanuel US$100,000 and that he has not been “repaid a cent of the money”. A promissory note dated November 27th, 2012 signed by Emanuel forms part of the evidence in the case.
It turns out that the money supposedly lent to Emanuel was part of a racket practiced by Emanuel and others in the UPP, including Harold Lovell, to sell diplomatic positions to unsuspecting Chinese businessmen.
Evidence of this is revealed in a separate Affidavit of Peter Ming Chau dated February 12, 2018 which can be read here:
Emmanuel and Lovell conspired to appoint Peter Ming Chau as an “Envoy” in exchange for US$100,000. Lovell wrote the letter of appointment dated 26th September 2012 without the consent and knowledge of the Cabinet. He was not even Foreign Minister at the time; he was then Finance Minister.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1daCuS-e0mKDCUFVd-eC-OIu63BK-igIp
In an affidavit to the New York Court, in February 2018, Mr Peter Ming Chau swears that he paid Emanuel US$100,000 so that he could be made an “exclusive agent representing China to the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority “of which Emanuel was Chairman. He swore that Emanuel when he recognised that his letter of appointment was a fraud, he demanded the return of money he had paid to Emanuel who told him that he was “protected by diplomatic immunity” and “well insulated and protected because of his relationship with the Prime Minister” (then Baldwin Spencer).



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