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Legal Aid Moves to Central Location

The legal Aid and Advice Centre has been relocated to Upper Redcliff Street downstairs General Insurance Building.

The department will be opened to the general public from Monday 15th January 2018.

Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs Public Safety and Labour the Hon. Steadroy Cutie Benjamin is pleased that the department is now located in a central location so that members of the public can have easy access to the Legal Aid Department and the services it renders to the public.

Benjamin says that it is his intentions to have the department fully staffed together with a list of attorneys in private sector who have offered their services to the clinic. It is anticipated that there will be an influx of citizens desiring the services of the unit.

He stated that the means test will be reviewed with the intention of lowering the means test requirements to allow more citizens to have access to the legal advice and representation in appropriate cases both legal and civil.



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