Laws to be strengthen to ensure Nationals have Access to all Beaches in Antigua

During the weekly Cabinet meeting, a decision was made to ensure all Antiguans and Barbudans has the right to ensure the beaches.

According to Cabinet notes: “The law governing access to the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda, by citizens seeking to enjoy the nation’s most precious resource, will surely be amended to make it stronger. The current law addresses only public access, but does not make clear that automobiles, buses or other transport ought to be allowed where it is possible. The Cabinet determined that while hotel owners would wish to secure their visitors’ safety and property, systems to allow broader access must be included in the law. The Attorney General has been directed by Cabinet to strengthen the law, and to put on notice those who may have intentionally restricted access in order to discourage use by citizens. Parliament will next meet on September 11, 2018; however, amendments to the DCA Law will likely not be ready by that time, Cabinet agreed.”

Social Media, in the past has witnessed a number of residents uploading pictures or videos displaying their restrictions to enter public beaches that are nearby private residences.



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