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Inmates push ahead with fencing project

Work on the fencing project at the Government’s Sewage Treatment Plant at the McKinnon’s Pond is nearing completion as the inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison are now in possession of the materials and tools necessary to complete the job. 

During a site visit on September 1st, all hands were on deck as the landscape of the facility was being transformed with the erection of steel pipes and the pulling of the fencing wires.  

prisoners on fencing project-1-2The project, which forms part of the Environment Division’s Rehabilitation Program, got underway in July with the aim of helping inmates to stay positive while harnessing their skills in a meaningful environment. 

Itajah Simmons is the man supervising the Prison Rehabilitation Initiative and says that he is proud of the magnificent sixteen, which is the number of prisoners that are on the job site and in the program. 

“Basically we started the running of the fencing wire today and it is expected that we will be completing the task within a week so that we would at least be able to bring down the wooden structure that is up by the Old Prison yard, which is located south of the Environment Division. So in a couple of days all the fencing should be up and that part of the program should be completed and I am very pleased with the efforts of the guys’ Simmons proudly declared.

fencing project-2On an earlier site visit in August, all of the prisoners were decked out in their usual white and blue prison apparel but on this occasion, over eighty percent of the inmates were dressed in bright orange cover-alls (Jump Suits). 

When asked about the new look, this is what Simmons had to say, “Uniformity, it is all about looking different and looking like a professional.’ 

He continued “We got the suits over two weeks now and we did the disbursements so now when folks come around, they can see the inmates are properly attired, properly uniformed and it also shows that they represent the Environment Division on the job site.’

Simmons also made it clear that he and members of his department do not sit idly by when they are not actively working at the McKinnon’s facility. 

“One of the things we do when weather conditions do not permit work down here or materials are not available, is that we usually go on the beach especially up Jabberwock to do the cleaning of the Seashore, removing the rubbish and particularly the Seaweed, the Sargassum, so that’s another thing we are involved in because we know the Seaweed thing is quite a problem here on the island. So far we have done Jabberwock, we went up to Half Moon Bay and we also went up to Mammora Bay, so we are trying to do as much as possible with these guys, to keep them active and inspired’, Simmons concluded.



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