Disaster Management 

Infrastructural, Home Repairs Begin in Barbuda

Repair work has begun on houses in Barbuda that received minimal damage from Hurricane Irma.

Two teams are presently on the sister-isle – one to complete the list of materials needed and another group will commence work on the structures that are regarded as Levels One and Two. Two hundred and fifty-seven homes fall within these categories.

Building materials, tarpaulin, blankets and other items like tents, water tanks and water storage containers have been sent over to the sister island. The workmen will assist those Barbudans who are on the island.

Meanwhile, Barbudans returning home to clean their properties are being advised to take the necessary precautions. The disaster office recommends that sturdy shoes, gloves and other protective gear be worn.

A few international agencies, Shelter Box and Samaritan’s Purse, are assisting with the provision of tents and cleaning agents on Barbuda.

Individuals are advised that any concerns with respect to cleaning and staying in Barbuda should be raised at the Distribution Centre at the Fisheries Complex.



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