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Festival Commission says Local Media House Published False and Malicious Story

It has come to the attention of the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission, a false and malicious story captioned ‘Over half a million dollars for Machel Montano at Melting Pot’ published by the Antigua Newsroom (ANR) outlet.

The ANR false claims are based on what it says “reaching (reached) out to a local promoter to ascertain the possible costs associated with bringing a talent of Montano’s stature.” In other words, it is based on conjecture and not facts.

The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission, while it cannot divulge the costs associated with the hosting of LIAT’s Caribbean Melting Pot due to contractual agreements with stakeholders, wishes to state categorically that the costs associated with Machel Montano performing at LIAT’s Caribbean Melting Pot are in no way costing the Commission half a million dollars.

The Festivals Commission wishes to advise the general public that due to the increased commitment of our sponsors to the successful hosting of LIAT’s Caribbean Melting Pot, the cost obligations of the Commission for hosting the event have been reduced significantly. The breakdown in costs listed in the false Antigua Newsroom article are totally inaccurate, however we wish to point out the following major inaccuracies.

Machel Montano and his group will fly from Barbados to Antigua via LIAT (our main sponsor of the event) free of cost. They will not fly from the USA as the false article states
Machel Montano’s group does not consist of 28 persons
Machel Montano’s cost to perform is not $324, 000 as stated in the false article
The Commission has received sponsorship for the group’s accommodation

The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission is saddened by the actions of Antigua Newsroom in publishing this article without ascertaining the facts. Its publication is obviously one of malicious intent. The Commission promises an entertaining LIAT Caribbean Melting Pot on Thursday, 2nd August as we celebrate the superb artistry of our finest local and regional artistes.

The Commission also expresses its thanks to the many benefactors of Antigua’s carnival, to include our new sponsors Arton Capital and Caribbean Airlines Limited for the confidence they have placed in the Commission and the promotion of our culture and festival.



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