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EMS Successfully Execute Daring Rescue Operation Between Wallings Dam and Rendezvous Beach

In what has been described as nothing short of brilliant, the Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Fire Brigade performed a daring rescue operation in the hills between Wallings Dam and Rendezvous Beach on Sunday.

According to the EMS Public Relations Officer, Morvin Fiedtkou, three adults and two children under the age of thirteen were making the journey to Rendezvous Beach via Wallings when one of the adults, a female, lost her footing and broke her left ankle.

Fiedtkou said the Department got the call at around 9.00 am and didn’t complete the rescue operation until after 11.00 am due to the rugged terrain and the gruelling environment.

Three emergency technicians and four fire fighters responded to the call and transported the patient down the slope on a spine board.

The EMTs were Iesha Russell, Joel Ellis and April John while the Fire Fighters identities were not disclosed.



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