“Elections in a matter of weeks” says Prime Minister Browne

Elections will be in a matter of a few weeks.” This proclamation was made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne during Thursday’s sitting of the Lower House.
The Prime Minister said, “This siting (parliament) unless there be any extenuating circumstances, shall be the last siting of the lower house until the next general elections.”
The Prime Minister’s announcement in Parliament came during tabling of the report from the Constituencies Boundaries Commission in Parliament, which is normally seen as a sign that elections are close.  Elections in Antigua and Barbuda are constitutionally due in 2019.
According to the PM, in short order, “the Constituencies Boundaries Commission has been working diligently on its mandate.”
The PM stated that the prelude to the report states, “In light of the above, should early elections be called prior to the constitutionally due date of June 2019, the constituencies Boundaries Commission hereby recommends that no changes be made to any of the constituencies’ boundaries in the State of Antigua and Barbuda. The members of the Constituencies Boundaries Commission considered that any changes would be disruptive to the conduct of an early election.”
In commending the Commission, PM Browne stated that “the Commission made a good determination in anticipating the elections based on the information in the public domain that elections would more than likely be held early and decided to file the report, which was the sensible thing to do. I want to commend them on their foresight and for taking my articulation seriously,” the PM said.
“So too the electoral commission. I was made aware, that they had to put all the mechanisms in place,” Prime Minister Browne continued.
The Prime Minister illustrated how prepared the Electoral commission is, having already established the necessary ballot papers, boxes and equipment needed for the electoral process.
“They all made the appropriate decisions to be ready, they obviously took my articulation seriously.” PM Browne declared.
The PM said “This was no clandestine situation, this was public knowledge.” 



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