Digicel offers customers control to save data from online advertising

Digicel has announced it will provide customers the option to control the online advertising they receive when they browse websites through their mobile phones.

The service, Digicel Ad Control, is available free of charge for all Digicel mobile users. It benefits customers by reducing the amount of ads displayed on websites and in apps while on their mobile device. It also reduces the cost of web browsing by reducing the amount of data used for viewing pop-up ads, filters out irresponsible ads, provides a faster web experience for costumers and it improves battery life.

There is a simple way for customers to opt out of using the ad control technology should they decide that they do indeed wish to receive these advertising messages.

Rob Mayo-Smith, Digicel CEO, said, “This product is absolutely free to our customers and they will benefit by saving their data allowance and using it for what they want. On average, 10% of data is used by ads when customers browse online without the ad control service. Putting the ad control product in our customers’ hands gives them the ability to use their data on what they want. We are also working with local businesses (media houses/online news portal) so that they are not impacted by this service.” 

Customers will be given access to the service free of charge, if they choose to opt-out they can do so by simply dialing *141*30#



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