Disaster Management 

Detailed Damage Assessment of Barbuda Post Hurricane Irma Released with US$222m Tag

A detailed damage assessment conducted in Barbuda has revealed that the highest number of structures received little or no damage from Hurricane Irma in September.

Of the 1, 273 buildings assessed, three hundred and seven buildings (307) are categorized as level-two meaning they received some damage to roof, windows, wall and door, while 282 are listed as level-one, which received little damage and is habitable. Both combined total 589.

On the other hand, those structures that received major damage amount to 547. Two hundred and fifty seven buildings (257) received damage categorized as level three, which means more than fifty percent of the roof is damaged or missing. The number of buildings destroyed, regarded as level four, is 290. In addition, 137 buildings were not categorized as they were abandoned, under construction or needed further analysis.

Details on the damage received for the various sectors and the cost for recovery are also included.

The three sectors topping the list in terms of the cost of recovery are housing, which is approximately 214 million dollars, followed by tourism with 188 million then transport with 78 million dollars.

These are followed by electricity with approximately 22 million, health – 19 million, education – 17 million, environment – 13 million, governance – 6 million, culture – 3 million, telecommunications – 1 million, fisheries – 1 million, water – 938 thousand, agriculture –  700 thousand.  In addition, thirty-one million dollars has been earmarked for incorporating disaster risk reduction into the process. In all, this amounts to approximately 222 million US dollars.



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