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DCA Permission Granted For Enabling Works Callaloo Cay Prepares For Phase One

Principals of Callaloo Cay will host an intimate event to signal the commencement of work on their project at Morris Bay, Old Road on Tuesday 28th February.  Pre-construction work will begin on the first phase of the multi-phase project.

Callaloo Cay’s Senior Vice President of Business Development Mr. Dawood Shah says the milestone moment is one that is anticipated with extreme joy. “For the last two years, we have done everything required to fulfil the law of the land, to work with the community, and to ensure that the environment will be respected. We are delighted!”

The announcement of the ground-breaking event follows the fulfilment of a number of requisites.

Concept drawings were submitted to the DCA and were approved “in principle”. Following the mandate to conduct an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and the resulting review by the Department of the Environment, recommendations to conduct a hydrological study and to engage an environmental consultant were instituted with the hiring of hydrologist Mr. Fazir Khan of Trinidadian company Alpha Engineering and local environmental consultant Ms. Lucia Mings.

A second community consultation revealed continued reservation and concern regarding environmental mitigation measures.  In response, an Environmental Advisory Committee comprising government departments, developer, and community members was convened with the objective of ensuring transparency, facilitating open communication and finding solutions to current environmental concerns, as well potential future issues.

Since the February 2nd Environmental Advisory Committee meeting, additional input of coastal engineer Mr. Everon Zacchariah on infrastructural design ideas suggested by hydrologist Fazir Khan have been added to the designs and submitted to the DCA.

As the company proceeds with its plans, DCA Chief Town and Country Planner Mr. Frederick Southwell confirms that permission has been granted for enabling or preconstruction works at this time and says “the project is being carefully monitored, and is moving forward in a way that will best safeguard the environment.” He adds that “the knowledge of the community members and historical concerns are being taken into account.  There are checks and balances to ensure that the developer is complying with regulations at every step of the way.”

In the next stage, Callaloo Cay will have to submit detailed construction drawings to the DCA in order for approval to be granted for construction to commence.



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