Disaster Management 

Cuban workers arrive in Barbuda to help repair structures

A team of 25 Cuban engineers and construction workers arrived in Barbuda earlier this month to assist with repairs on structures in Barbuda that were damaged during Hurricane Irma in September.

The Cubans are expected to be on the sister-isle for a month and will be working with Barbudans, personnel from Antigua and aid agencies on the ground.

The workers will be repairing established priority buildings like the airport terminal and critical facilities, and homes that have the least damage. These homes should be owned by Barbudans, who were living in them at the time of the hurricane.

Two hundred and fifty-seven structures received minimal damage and have been categorized as Levels One and Two. Level One properties received minor damage and are still habitable while Level Two buildings received some damage to roof, windows, wall and door but is habitable after repairs.

The Barbuda Council will facilitate the identification of those persons who would return to Barbuda while their homes are under repair.



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