Construction of Barbuda Runway Continues

On Wednesday, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda met to discuss certain issues pertaining to the development of Antigua and Barbuda. According to Cabinet notes, the construction of the Barbuda runway was discussed and agencies involved with the construction were invited to give Cabinet an update on its progress.

According to Cabinet notes, “Officials from the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA), the Development Control Authority (DCA) the construction company (BHM) were invited to address the construction of the international runway and apron that is well underway on the southeastern corridor of Barbuda.”

The notes continues by stating that, the DCA official explained that a G-Plan was submitted to approve in principle the work to be done. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was also submitted; the first submission was not sufficiently adequate and so a second more detailed EIA was submitted; that second EIA is currently under review by the Environmental Division. The structural drawings were given to the national PWD engineer with the expectation that they would reach the DCA. The plans are in the hand of the DCA for approval. Hydrology and geology reports have also been submitted.

Cabinet provided the permission to utilize the quarry, in order to make doubly sure that the decision cannot be withdrawn or otherwise altered by a body with lesser authority. Permission to commence and complete the access road from the new airport to River Road was also sought and granted. The national engineer from PWD also has the plans for that part of the project.

According the Chief of staff, Lionel Hurst, “the construction of the runway continues.”



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