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CIU Defends Reputation: Cites “Fake News” with involvement of Jabir criminal case

The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) rejects the claim made in wicnews.com, an on- line publication, that a person, named Jabir Motiwala also known as Moti and Jabir Siddiq, was given Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship “as part of the country’s citizenship by investment programme”.

The claim is utterly false.

The CIU advises that it has thoroughly reviewed its files and confirms that it has not granted citizenship to anyone by the name of Jabir Motiwala or Jabir Siddiq.

The CIU further advises that it has no knowledge of any person called Kaskar Dawood Ibrahim, or any of his aliases, who is said to be associated with Motiwala.

The wicnews.com story attributes the claim that Motiwala was given citizenship to a source which it has not identified.

The CIU strongly condemns the publication of such a damaging claim by wicnews.com whichdidnotseekverificationbeforepublishingit. Wearelefttoassumethatthe‘source’ of the claim benefits in some way from smearing Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The CIU will not allow the name of Antigua and Barbuda to be tarnished by opportunists and will continue its strong collaboration with all international partners to preserve the reputation of our jurisdiction.



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