CCJ Referendum Team Takes Over the Media Today

As efforts intensify for the upcoming referendum on November 6th, the Public Relations and Marketing team for the National Coordinating Committee will be engaged in a media blitz today.

Some of the country’s most respected legal experts, resource persons, advocates and historians will be joining the members of the team during a full day of appearances on a series of interviews and talk shows on Radio and Television.

Burning questions about the process for the referendum and the arguments for acceding to the Caribbean Court of Justice as well as renewed education to our current Court of Appeal will be discussed.

The committee believes the seriousness of matter deserves a full and in-depth discussion in the public domain and as such is inviting members of the public to participate in the media activities for the day. Frank conversations, along with fact-based information will be a focus of the education campaign efforts. Thus far, the use of social media platforms has launched the efforts in providing information on both the CCJ and the Privy Council.

To gather information, members of the team have undertaken their own research and consulted with members of the Bar Association, civil society, and technical personnel.

All day Monday, the media blitz will engage audiences on Observer radio, Crusader Radio, Pointe FM, Abundant Life and ZDK along with ABS television. Online news agencies, including Antigua Newsroom and the Antigua Chronicle, will also be involved in the media day activities.

Most of the programs can be accessed through the Facebook live stream for wider coverage and engagements.  The AntiguaReferendum2018 Facebook page will also carry these broadcasts.

The committee is comprised of both youth-centered legal professionals, communication specialists, and logistical experts segmented into three components headed by Caricom Ambassador, Dr. Clarence Henry. Dr. Henry is leading the charge on community-based activities with the support of Barbara Williams, Ileathea Carbal, Petra Williams and Derrick Nicholas. The Public Relations and Marketing teams are headed by Andy Liburd and Angelica O’Donoghue and includes Everton Barnes and Laurisa Francis. Youth relations is steered by Amaya Athill along with Curtis Cornelius.

To learn more about the work of the education committee, email us at nccantigua@gmail.com or find us on Facebook at antiguareferendum2018.




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