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Civil Servants Back Payments to be made Starting October

Civil servants are likely to be smiling come October 2018, when their long awaited back pay monies are to be paid out. According to Chief of Staff Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst, Cabinet members acknowledges that workers within government are owed overtime arrears. “The Cabinet regrets not paying the monies owed on-time; however, several workers have reported that when overtime is paid in bulk, they have made use of the enlarged payment by doing what traditionally has been done by those who engage in “throwing box money”. Nevertheless, the Cabinet acknowledges that…

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Substation to be Blamed for Island Wide Blackout

For more than two hours yesterday, the entire island of Antigua was without power. This power outage came outside of scheduled power cuts for designated areas of the island. However, the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA),  has confirmed that this island wide black out is of a result of a burnt conductor at the Sweets Substation. According to sources APUA investigated the matter and found that a 69-kilovolt transmission line had suffered damage which resulted in the massive outage. For hours, street lights, traffic lights and general business operations were…

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