Economic Politics 

Prime Minister Browne Hosts Workshop on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Prime Minister Gaston Browne today hosted and chaired a workshop at the Prime Minister’s Office for senior Government officials and industry stakeholders on the subject of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The workshop was designed to bring Government and other stakeholders abreast of the current developments in the field and to explore the options open to Antigua and Barbuda in pursuing economic development utilizing these new technologies. Government ministers in attendance included the Attorney-General Hon. Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin and Hon. Melford Nicholas, Minister responsible for information technology. The workshop was facilitated…

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Politics Public Service 

Civil Servants Back Payments to be made Starting October

Civil servants are likely to be smiling come October 2018, when their long awaited back pay monies are to be paid out. According to Chief of Staff Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst, Cabinet members acknowledges that workers within government are owed overtime arrears. “The Cabinet regrets not paying the monies owed on-time; however, several workers have reported that when overtime is paid in bulk, they have made use of the enlarged payment by doing what traditionally has been done by those who engage in “throwing box money”. Nevertheless, the Cabinet acknowledges that…

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Foreign Affairs Politics Tourism 

No Visa Tourist Requirements For Colombians

It’s now official. Antigua and Barbuda has reciprocated a waiver of visa requirements for businessmen, tourists, and diplomats between the twin island nation and Colombia. This was one of the highpoints of the visit by a 3-member delegation led by Hon E.P Chet Greene Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration. The team spent the last three days in Bogota Colombia conducting a series of high level bi-lateral negotiations to improve trade, tourism and transportation links between the two countries. The visit to the South American Country which is…

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ABEC Politics 

Referendum team gets set to kick off Campaign

The activities related to the November 6 referendum on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) are gathering momentum. A Public Relations, Marketing, and Mobilization Team will this week kick off its own activities geared at ensuring that the country’s population is fully informed about the facts related to the CCJ and the Privy Council. The referendum is a constitutional exercise that is seeking the vote of the country’s electorate in determining whether or not Antigua and Barbuda will accede to the CCJ as its final court of appeal or remain…

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“I Support the CCJ…”- Lovell Says in Meeting with Attorney General

Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin held discussions with the Leader of the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell seeking to reach a common understanding with regard to the referendum to replace the Privy Council as the Country’s final Court of Appeal with the Caribbean Court of Justice, the CCJ. As efforts intensify for the public education drive ahead of the November 6th CCJ Referendum, Political leader Harold Lovell rejected the notion that he or any political leader should simply instruct members and supporters to fall in line in matters of constitutional…

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Education Human Rights Politics 

Unrelenting Approach to CCJ Referendum Campaign

The committee of stakeholders charged with executing the educational campaign for the Caribbean Court of Justice will begin to intensify its activities shortly. A new and energized group is now sitting before Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry who is continuing as chair of the committee in an effort to bridge the activities of the previous campaign with this latest exercise. The committee is meeting weekly and the skill sets and resources of its various members will be utilized in getting the message to all interests in Antigua and Barbuda who will…

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne Responds to OMG Cries of Hostile Government

Statement from the Hon. Prime Minister Gaston Browne. It is absolutely amazing that the Observer is seeking to blame the ABLP for its difficulties. It is the ABLP that removed criminal libel from the books.   There have been more litigations against Observer by UPP Ministers than ABLP Ministers.  In addition, there was significantly more corruption under the UPP government than the ABLP administration.   Ironically, when there was rampant corruption, high cost of government, high unemployment, repossessions, and foreclosures under the UPP, we heard no such condemnation from the OMG. When…

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Education Politics 

Campaign Drive in full swing for CCJ Referendum

Preparations for the Referendum on whether or not the Caribbean Court of Justice will replace the Privy Council as the twin island nation’s finally appellate court have intensified. A team of media professionals and communications specialists have been brought on board to drive the campaign for citizens to vote for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the country’s final court of appeal. Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Cutie Benjamin laid out the framework for moving the process ahead during a meeting with the team on Monday morning. He stressed…

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OECS Politics Regional News 

PM Gaston Browne Ready to Provide Incentives to Help Dominica Retain Ross University

Statement on The Ross University transfer out of Dominica By the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda has learned by way of the public media of the Ross University decision to transfer its operation from Dominica to another CARICOM state. Antigua and Barbuda recognizes the monumental role played by Ross University in the economy of Dominica; a move away from our neighbour would impact, even in the short- term, employment, foreign exchange earnings, and air arrivals. For these reasons, Antigua and Barbuda stands ready to assist by…

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Foreign Affairs Politics 

Indian Ambassador Presents Extradition Documents

 The Indian Government dispatched Ambassador Manpreet Vohra to Antigua and Barbuda to follow-up on the request by the Government of India for the extradition of Mr. Mehul Choksi, the CIP citizen of Antigua and Barbuda who is wanted by law enforcement authorities in India on fraud charges. Ambassador Vohra flew into VC Bird on Friday afternoon, August 3, 2018, and proceeded immediately to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he held a meeting with Foreign Minister E.P. Chet Greene and his team. He was accompanied by High Commissioner Venkatachalan Mahalingam,…

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