Carnival 2016 Entertianment 

Carnival 2016 Prize Monies to be Paid in Full

Minister with responsibility for National Festivals the Hon. E. P. Chet Greene has announced that Carnival 2016 prize monies are currently being paid by the Festivals Commission and will be paid in full by Monday 9th January.

The Minister said that he has instructed the Chairman of the Festivals Commission, Maurice Merchant to commence the payments with the desire to have all prize monies to include prizes to Mas owners and steelbands paid in full by Monday.

He also outlined that the Festival Commission Chairman will immediately commence  preparations to make payments to other stakeholders who provided services to the Commission for Carnival 2016.  “While we were unable to make payments to everyone immediately following Carnival 2016, this will be the first time in a very long time that stakeholders will be paid this early.  We thank the stakeholders for their patience and look forward to our collaboration in 2017” said the Minister.

In addition, the Minister outlined that he will announce the winners of the Independence Essay Competition on Monday having received the results from the judges.  He said that due to the large number of entries, the judges created a third category for judging to now include a category for Secondary schools.  The competition, which was geared at primary school and tertiary level students was based on the Independence Theme of Building an Economic Powerhouse Together. 

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Festivals Commission, Maurice Merchant has extended an invitation to all Antiguans and Barbudans to celebrate a united Antigua and Barbuda at the Prime Minister’s Unity Concert over the weekend at the Antigua Recreation Grounds.

“The Prime Minister’s vision of building an economic powerhouse requires the participation of all Antiguans and Barbudans, citizens and residents and this concert is designed to send the signal that we all are one and are all prepared to work together in building an economically powerful nation,” Merchant stated.

The Unity Concert will be held at the Antigua Recreation Grounds on Saturday 7th January from 8 p.m.



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