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Caribe Wave Tsunami Evacuation Exercise targets day-care centres and pre-schools

The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) will join other disaster offices around the region to take part in the annual Caribe Wave tsunami evacuation exercise on Thursday 15th March 2018.

Caribe Wave aims to improve the effectiveness of tsunami warning systems along the Caribbean coasts and ensure readiness to respond to a tsunami.

This year, approximately 40 day care centres and pre-schools that fall within the tsunami impact zone will be targeted.

NODS will be working with a number of agencies to include the Antigua and Barbuda Police and Defence Forces, Emergency Medical Services, Red Cross, District Disaster Committees among others, who will act as evaluators.

Apart from those individuals who will be evaluating the exercise, everyone else is not required to take any further action. However, NODS is encouraging persons to use this as an opportunity to be better aware of what is required for tsunami preparedness.



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