Disaster Management 

Canadian Government Providing EC One Hundred Thousand Dollars to Barbuda Relief

The Canadian government is providing 100 thousand EC dollars towards the Barbuda relief following Hurricane Irma and is looking to further support the reconstruction programme on the sister-isle.

High Commissioner of Canada to Antigua and Barbuda Her Excellency Marie Legault made the announcement Thursday during a signing ceremony with NODS Director Philmore Mullin at the office on American Road.

High Commissioner Legault said the funds were earmarked for meeting the needs of Barbudan evacuees.

In addition, Canada will contribute 200 thousand EC dollars for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Barbuda Council buildings and the school.

Director of NODS Philmore Mullin says Canada has been very helpful to Antigua and Barbuda and also the rest of the region. “Canada has always been one to examine, verify and provide support. Sometimes when you get to the stage where support is critical, Canada has been a very reliable partner”, said Mullin.

Since the passage of Hurricane Irma, Canada’s support has included 200 thousand dollars in emergency relief, a 750 thousand dollar loan package and a 28 million dollar package for reconstruction, agriculture and fisheries.

At the Pledging Conference held in New York in September, Canada pledged 100 million dollars in reconstruction for the region



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