Disaster Management 

Barbudans Given final Notice to Relocate from Shelter

Barbuda residents who have been staying at the National Technical Training Centre (NTTC) have until Friday to find alternative accommodation.

The remaining families at the facility have the opportunity to move back to Barbuda or secure their own housing here in Antigua.

The Sports Complex on the sister-isle, which has been earmarked as a shelter, has been accommodating persons whose properties there were destroyed. The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) has provided transportation to those individuals returning to Barbuda.

Two deadlines have passed for individuals staying at the NTTC to relocate and this third and final deadline has been communicated to them. NODS notes that failure to leave NTTC will result in eviction.

Following the evacuation of Barbuda residents to Antigua, they were initially accommodated at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium, the NTTC and in other private housing – the cost of which was borne by the government in some instances.

After the closure of the Stadium as a shelter, persons moved to the Nurses Hostel and the NTTC. The Nurses Hostel has since closed and some Barbudans have moved back home while others who had special circumstances moved to the NTTC.



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