About us




The main focus of this publication is to not only make news available, but rather to do so in an almost instantaneous and seamless manner through easily accessible mediums like our website and social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

It is worth noting that information filtered through our social media platform might not necessarily be reflective of mainstream media norms, but might from time to time tackle social matters with an informal and layman approach.

It is our vision to produce news through a collaborative arrangement with local mobile service providers with text message and Blackberry Messenger updates.
Although this news medium (online) is already in use in Antigua & Barbuda, we believe the market has not yet been utilized to its fullest potential and are intent on maximizing the benefits of technology for the education and information of the people of this country.
Together we bring almost six years of professional media experience and Degree levels of education in English, Communications, International Relations and Gender Development Studies. Our team comes armed professionals who understand the industry and have skilled themselves in all areas of societal interests.
With our combined expertise we are confident that this initiative would undoubtedly succeed as we also bring with us the knowhow from similar ventures in the British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Dominica, Guyana and the United Kingdom.
As it stands news and information are gathered by our reporters and channeled directly to the editor in charge where is then updated seamlessly to www.antiguachronicle.net
This is done within a ten to 20-minute timespan with periodical updates as the story develops and information is confirmed.
The market in which we will operate is still relatively small in Antigua and Barbuda with two recognized bodies providing online news but none of which operates in the manner that Antigua Chronicle does.
We are confident that our approach not only sets a new trend in newsgathering in the country but also builds on the public’s thirst for information and accountability. We excite the interests of the younger more technologically inclined generation.