ABLP condemns racist remarks by UPP’s Mac Emanuel

Press Release.

A statement from Mr Mac Emanuel of the United Progressive Party (UPP) has been brought to the attention of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

Mr Emanuel first accuses a website called “no UPP.com” of circulating documents from the New York Supreme Court in which he and his Party Leader, Harold Lovell, are accused of fraud in the sale of the position of “Envoy” to certain Chinese persons.

It is significant that neither Mr Emanuel nor Mr Lovell has denied the New York court case or the existence of the documents, particularly as investigation has shown that the referenced documents are indeed authentic.

Instead, Mr Emanuel has assaulted Charles Max Fernandez, the ABLP representative for St John’s Rural North, in the most vulgar racial terms.

The racist attack on Mr Fernandez is shameful, particularly as the Fernandez family has been part of Antigua and Barbuda society for hundreds of years, and, in any event, is of both African and European blood.

The ABLP hopes that the Antigua Christian Council will speak out against this descent into racism which is abhorrent to well-thinking people in our country.

If a website called “noUPP.com” exists, it does not belong to the ABLP and clearly demonstrates the concerns of organisations and people in civil society who are showing their alarms about the quality of the UPP and its declared candidates for the next general election.

The ABLP itself is concerned only with continuing the rebuilding of Antigua and Barbuda and the provision of jobs, housing, and opportunities for our people without exception.



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