Prime Minister Gaston Browne Responds to OMG Cries of Hostile Government

Statement from the Hon. Prime Minister Gaston Browne. It is absolutely amazing that the Observer is seeking to blame the ABLP for its difficulties. It is the ABLP that removed criminal libel from the books.   There have been more litigations against Observer by UPP Ministers than ABLP Ministers.  In addition, there was significantly more corruption under the UPP government than the ABLP administration.   Ironically, when there was rampant corruption, high cost of government, high unemployment, repossessions, and foreclosures under the UPP, we heard no such condemnation from the OMG. When…

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Keondre Herbert is Antigua’s Top CSEC Performer- 20 Passes

PR: Overall, 2355 candidates in Antigua and Barbuda sat a total of 11, 232 subjects with a 70% pass rate (Grades I – III). With reference to schools, public and private, 1514 candidates sat a total of 9, 397 subjects with a 73% pass rate. This means then that out-of-school candidates (841) made up 36% of persons sitting the examinations, but accounted for only 12% of subject sittings. In other words, in-school candidates made up 64% of persons sitting the examinations and also made up the bulk of subject sittings at 88%.Overall, the ratio of…

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Wage war against the Giant African Snail to protect food security.

“The Giant African Snails` presence is a ticking time bomb to food security in the Caribbean region.” That’s the view of Dr. Marcus Ramdwar of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), who has expertise in Agricultural Plant Science, Agricultural Philosophy and Agronomy. Dr. Ramdwar, who wrapped a visit to Antigua this week, was in the country as part of a Caribbean tour to investigate the impact of the Giant African Snail in Antigua, Trinidad and the wider Caribbean and to develop strategies to eradicate and control the invasive species.…

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