Tourism Minister Meets with Barbuda Council Tourism Reps

Officials from the Ministry of Tourism and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority yesterday (Thurs) made an official visit to the sister isle of Barbuda to meet with Council representatives in charge of tourism affairs. The team, which was led by Minister of Tourism the Hon. Charles “Max” Fernandez, included Permanent Secretary Walter Christopher, CEO of the ABTA Colin James, Dr. Reginald Murphy as well as senior technicians within the Ministry of Tourism. Ms. Asha Frank and Mr. Kendra Beazer represented the tourism arm of the Barbuda Council. The officials…

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ACT Gives a Second Chance

We all deserve a second chance, more so, young persons who have encountered issues with the law. The Second Chance Program caters to youth offenders as they reintegrate back into society. With their SPARKS outline (Special People Achieve Reform Knowledge and Self-Acceptance), the program strives to prevent reoffending. The vision of the Second Chance Program is to create opportunities for people to transform their own lives, by fostering behavioral changes. This ties in with ACT’s mandate of bringing the community into the future. ACT will partner with the non-government organization…

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As indigent populations seek opportunities to escape the ‘…unceasing miseries; …frustration and despair, associated with social ills, blamed on poverty,’ people of ‘mega financial means,’ though living luxurious lives, also seek places to live in solitude or quietude. Contrastingly, while the indigent struggled, the financially-able, are well-positioned to enjoy the finer things in life. The people’s mandate to those elected to conduct the affairs of State includes alia, ‘…embarking upon economic initiatives, capable of empowering and serving the common good and national interests. There shall be adequacy of resources to…

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