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Known for its traditional land communal practice, Barbuda’s population of 1, 500 and combined national population of ‘…84, 316 people are mostly of African descent’ [Census: 2011]. The social life of residents not only speaks to a communal tradition of longevity, but also a political climate that in recent times, speaks to feuds, frictions and deception.’ Culturally, the island is unique, with a shared land tenure that exists for 114 years [1904-2018]. The residents are ‘…hospitable; …obliging and accommodating.’ The nation boasts 365 sun-drenched and easily accessible beaches. It has…

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Community Development Disaster Management 

Child-friendly Space Created in Barbuda Shelter

As part of the Post-Irma response and recovery, the Hon. Minister, Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development, Samantha N. Marshall, commissioned the establishment of a child-friendly space within the shelter through the Directorate of Gender Affairs, Antigua Barbuda. The mural was painted by young Barbudans, art students from the Christ the King High School and local artist, Rhonda Williams. Through collaboration with the Ministry of Social Transformation, UNICEF and other agencies, children within the shelter enjoy a playroom for therapy in addition to continued access to trauma-related psychosocial support services.

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